Happy Valentine’s Day to You

DSC_0146To that one person who broke my heart,

Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

I did not dwell on the pain you have caused

but you surely taught me that there is more

to life than love and you taught me to

present myself in a much better way.



For that one person who got away,

Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

I’m sorry that I was too blind and focused

with a different person.

I’m sorry that I fail to notice feelings.

I hope that you will understand with this writing



For the one who were conceived then born

on November, happy Valentine’s Day to you.

It’s either you were planned or not.



For the ones who celebrate their birthday

on this day, happy Valentine’s day to you.

For you people are truly loved not only by your

better half in marriage or your life long partner

but also your family and friends.



For the ones who do not feel the love

for being single, happy Valentine’s day to you.

There will come a time that you will feel that love too.



For the ones we have lost,

happy Valentine’s day.

 For you will always be in our hearts.



For the one person who keeps me up at night,

for the one person who makes me crazy in love,

for the one person that I dream to be with,

happy Valentine’s day to you.

I know that she’s out there and I know that

we will see each other soon.