Not Sure If In Love or Just Truly Inspired


It’s February AGAIN but it’s not yet February fourteen.

For all I know it’s that time again for motels, restaurants and flower shops in Dangwa or any flower shop out there to raise their prices and also put up promos for the first one hundred couples to come in and have a free order of some meal or anything in the menu. It’s also time for satirists to make another post about the bitterness of not having a date, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile’s Birthday and the tragic Valentine’s Day Massacre of 1929 masterminded by Al Capone

As for me, I’ll be visiting my grandmother at Holy Cross Memorial Park on Valentine’s day and for this moment, I will be posting this poem that I wrote in Tagalog for one of my classes in Letran alongside with its English translation. I just thank God and my professor that it’s free verse because I suck at the traditional.


Hindi lamang nabighani

Dahil sa iyong ganda

Nabighani din ako sa

Husay mo sa pag arte.


Walang katulad mo

Dito sa aming lugar.

Sana lamang ay mapunta

Ka rito kahit minsan

man lang.


Hindi problema ang pagdayo ko

Patungo sa inyong lugar.

Ang problema ko lamang

Ay ang ibang humahanga.


Hindi man ako gwapo

Tulad ng mga katambal mo.

Nais ko lamang umibig

Tulad ng mga karakter nila

Sa iyo.


I am not only fascinated

by your charm.

I was also fascinated by your

brilliant acting.


There’s none like you

in a place like this.

I only wish that you

could come over here

once in a while.


I do not mind traveling

there in your place of work.

My problem is that the others

who also admire you as I do.


I may not be as good looking

as your partners in there.

My only wish is to love you,

the way their characters do

towards you.


I might post more poems as long as I keep myself inspired.