Why Bongbong Lost

Bongbong Marcos

I do not regret that I voted for the man because of the trust and faith that I have in him which he won’t repeat the mistakes that his father made from 1972 until they were ousted by EDSA I in 1986. Other than that, I am just disgusted with the people from the Liberal Party from the outgoing president and anyone in the executive branch.

As a voter, I have accepted the defeat of Senator Bongbong Marcos to Congresswoman Leni Robredo in the vice presidential race.

As a Filipino, I have yet to accept this fact.

The one thing that still bothers me is the influence that the Liberal Party has towards the counting because when they released the partial and unofficial results it’s really disturbing that someone who is barely known in congress can get that many votes.

I voted for Bongbong Marcos more than any other candidate because I have trust issues not only with Robredo but also with Escudero who could turn Grace Poe into a puppet because of her inexperience if they get to win it, Allan Peter Cayetano who is just riding Duterte’s popularity as a respectable mayor of Davao, Gringo Honasan who is too old for this and Trillanes who should have just stayed in his bunker.

When the polls were closed on Election Day on May 9, 2016 it was no surprise for me that Rodrigo Duterte would be number one. It was disappointing that Miriam Defensor-Santiago was dead last and outnumbered by Jejomar Binay.

As for the vice presidential race, it’s really shocking if you’re someone who did not vote for Leni Robredo but voted for Escudero more than any other candidate because he was already shoe-in then the number of his votes would go down then be surpassed by Allan Peter Cayetano.


If there was “Hello Garci” back in 2004 now there has been rumor and conspiracy that “Hello Andy” has happened another is the “Hello Garcia” which refers to the Smartmatic personnel who messed with the hash code.

The Hello Garci refers to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s phone call to then Commission on Elections (COMELEC) commissioner, Virgilio Garcillano to transfer some votes in favor of Macapagal-Arroyo in order to win the Philippine Elections of 2004 against Fernando Poe Jr., Raul Roco and Jesus is Lord Leader Bro. Eddie Villanueva to name a few. Hello Andy now refers to present COMELEC commissioner, Andres Bautista who was once the head of the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) a commission that started during President Corazon Aquino’s term in 1986 with the objective to recover the ill-gotten wealth made by Marcos along with his cronies then became a government agency in the years that followed.

With Bautista’s background as former boss of the PCGG, others believe that Bautista might have done something in favor of Robredo.


I no longer want to stress myself on how Leni Robredo got that lead in our sleep during the partial and unofficial count until this day of the canvassing of votes but here’s what I really think on why Bongbong Marcos lost:


  1. The Marcos Stigma




It is a never-ending debacle on how the Marcos era or Martial Law was the best at the same time the worst moment in the history of the Philippines.

People would always tell how prices were so low that everything is affordable. Traffic was not as bad as it is today.

The infrastructures made like the San Juanico Bridge, the Cultural Center of Philippines Complex were the glory and achievements that we still make use of today while some are being electrocuted, raped, torture by the authorities. Some celebrity at that time was rumored that he was forced to ride a bike for eight hours straight when he made fun of the Bagong Lipunan (New Society) and its slogan which states, “Sa ika uunlad ng Bayan, Disiplina ay kailangan.” (For the Nation’s development, Discipline is what we need) changing discipline to “bicycle is what we need”, bisikleta ang kailangan.


If we really think that the election for president would divide country, it did not because the people have really spoken. The election for vice president really tore us apart and with Bongbong Marcos involved in the Vice Presidential race, activists and anti-Marcos groups alike were on the move again.


It’s like they were kept in a time capsule with a sign that says, DO NOT OPEN UNTIL A MARCOS RUNS FOR A GOVERNMENT POSITION HIGHER THAN A SENATOR or frozen in time like Captain America and his friend Bucky Barnes who is more known as The Winter Soldier.

People in the internet have been praising and also demonizing the Marcoses like its 1986 to 1989, the year Ferdinand Marcos died in exile until they were allowed to return here in the Philippines during the early 1990s.

Point is that he will carry that burden until the day he dies.


Don’t get me started on what happened to the Beatles in 1966 in which Ferdinand Marcos was already a year down with his presidency.


  1. Sandro Marcos stepping into the limelight and his involvement during the campaign.


Okay girls and Marcos loyalists do not get me wrong but this kid is pretty much involved in his father’s letdown.

12985431_1006306216118288_4601854055357783501_nWe have heard of Sandro Marcos’s mistake during the election and how cute he is for some girls but a kid like him should not have been involved campaigning with his father with the idea that Marcos Jr. would garner votes through his son thus filling in the void when his father gets to be invited but unable to give a commencement speech in some college or speech in diplomatic forum.

Bringing your children to work is never good no matter what line of work it is. But knowing the history of the Marcoses, the older Marcos got his children involved from Imee, the mother of Borgie Manotoc, Irene Marcos-Araneta, Ferdinand and Imelda’s second born who has kept a low profile since their return to the Philippines and Bongbong himself especially when they got older and they had the capacity to think and be part of a government organization.


Another issue on why you should never bring your children to work is because bringing your children to work is bad publicity.


Bad publicity is not always tweeting something wrong if you’re a celebrity because for some, it’s showing off what others can’t afford and I assume that I am not the only one who has seen Grace Poe’s son, Brian Llamanzares wear those pair of Nikes that replicates the one pair of Nikes that Michael J. Fox wore in Back to the Future Part 2. As for Brian and his involvement during her mother’s campaign, he was pretty much break dancing in those dance numbers other than pulling in actors like Coco Martin to yell their hearts out.

The kid is too sensitive and easily gets affected by the issues towards his father.

In the Philippines, politics is always business and personal. I hope this guy would understand that.

  1. Bongbong’s inability to say no as Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s running mate.


For some people, Bongbong running as VP of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago is his way of redeeming the Marcos name and getting back to Malacanang and trying his best not to shed a tear if he really won the election which are tears of joy and reminisce along the way in the convoy to Malacanang after the president and vice president took their oath.

Some even think that it is one way of boosting Miriam’s numbers in the pre-election polls all the way to the election but for some, it is even a kiss of death.

If Bongbong Marcos knew how to say no, he would have just ran for senator again and I would still vote for the guy but no because people are still mad about That Martial Law Thingy which is why he lost to Leni Robredo.


In my humble opinion, Bongbong Marcos is too naive or perhaps to blind to see that he really can’t win even if he came this close to winning the canvassing and getting back to Malacanang even if it’s only the vice presidency.


So for Senator Marcos, you have fought the good fight. Let’s just see if Leni would be competent and participative enough with Duterte as president.

Let’s hope and pray that the Liberal Party’s “Plan B” is not true.

Finally, like many people who have great fear of Duterte as mayor I don’t think they will be able to double-cross him by having him impeached with those human rights violations that Carmelita “Etta” Rosales, Senator-elect Leila de Lima, and Chito Gascon are claiming when Duterte was still mayor of Davao.

Duterte is a lawyer like MDS (Miriam Defensor-Santiago) he knows the pros and cons of the law and if that happens, he will fight his way through it.

As for Leni Robredo, PROVE US WRONG.

Prove us wrong that no one is pulling the strings on you. Prove to us that there really is no Plan B by the Liberal Party and you will not run for the presidency in 2022 when President-elect Duterte steps down six years from now.

Because Jejomar Binay aspired for the highest office in the land as the Noynoy Aquino administration’s days were drawing to a close and the campaign period was about to begin. So it’s impossible for you not to aspire for it as you assume office. More important is when the Duterte administration draws to a close on the last quarter of 2021 until 2022.


Eve of Reckoning


Three years ago I was suppose to vote during the midterm elections. I did not vote for the midterm election of 2013 because the bitter memory of the Corona trial was still fresh to me since it was just a year after all the proceedings and the day that the late chief justice Renato Corona got his verdict was also that day was the day separation of powers died. It is one reason why I am not voting for any senator seeking re-election this year and I will only limit my vote for senators to only six and those are new faces and names because most of them were the senators who voted guilty for the late chief justice.

Renato Corona’s verdict almost got me in a heated argument with my Dad because of my belief that he was only doing his job and being an Arroyo appointee is the one issue that got him into trouble with the Yellow government especially the things that he didn’t disclose to his SALN (Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth). Call me crazy if you want because looking back to another issue that got him impeached was his decision favoring the farmers of Hacienda Luisita and Hacienda Luisita is Aquino country so go figure.

Another issue on why I did not vote that year because the local election that year really got me torn between Alfredo Lim and Joseph Ejercito Estrada who were running for mayor of Manila. More important was I had a flight to catch so that I can go to my older cousin’s wedding in Agusan del Sur. The one thing that was very disturbing about the 2013 Election is when my lola was around, she brought home a DVD containing a anti-Erap documentary from a customer who strongly supports Alfredo Lim. The DVD basically was projecting Erap and incumbent Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno demons, incompetent and stealing Manila’s money. More important was Isko Moreno switching his side from Lim to Erap.


In the days drawing close to tomorrow’s election, I’ve been reading about some conspiracies about the PCOS Machines for this year’s election saying that one vote for Duterte won’t go straight to Duterte, so instead of Duterte it will go to Mar Roxas. Another is that one vote for Miriam Defensor-Santiago will go to Binay. In other words, the machines will be programmed to make this election a tight race between Binay and Roxas. Everyone won’t like it myself included. I just hope the Vice Presidential election won’t get rigged.


I’ve had enough of Mar Roxas screwing around especially last night when I accompanied a friend on her way back home because as we left UP Diliman, we got stuck for a bit on one portion of the Elliptical Road leading to Quezon Avenue. It’s just irritating to know that vehicles leading to Quezon Memorial Circle were not properly parked and they call themselves even their supports decent or even disciplined when they clogged the inner portion of the Elliptical Road. It’s even disturbing that the jeeps that surrounded Elliptical Road are tagged with Roxas and Robredo banners. Do these drivers ever learn? I know that some of these drivers have limited access to the internet but should I remind some of these drivers that Pantawid Pasada is not enough to supply their needs when they drive especially diesel and gasoline.

For Jejomar Binay, I don’t care on where has he gone too yesterday but I’m just happy that he didn’t not ruin me and my friends night as we went our ways going home. I just know that Binay no longer stands a chance as a presidential candidate when his fellow member in UNA Manila Mayor Erap Estrada has given his support to his goddaughter Grace Poe which to me is not a surprise since the friendship of Erap and the late Fernando Poe Jr. goes way back to the days they were actors.

In the months that Binay campaigned, I just feel bad for the people who were forced to campaign him especially the people who had setup speakers to AUVs and playing the Binay jingle over and over. It’s just sad. It’s like Malcolm McDowell200_s when he had this contraption strapped to his head in the Stanley Kubrick classic, ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

As for Grace Poe, I still can’t believe that she still has the guts to piss people off especially commuters because last week when I was on my way to summer class I saw a stage being set up again for her slate and I’m just lucky that I went out of Letran early because I do not want to suffer another traffic jam caused by a miting de avance.

Grace Poe is so star-studded from her “parents” to her endorsers that she had Coco Martin yelling his heart out to the people just to vote for Grace Poe.

As much as I hate to say this towards Susan Roces because the hit show in ABS-CBN, “Ang Probinsyano” is even a medium for Susan Roces to campaign Grace Poe. IN FACT, ABS-CBN is Grace Poe’s and Mar Roxas’ place to go (Even for the Liberal Party) to get themselves celebrity endorsers. If you find this offensive, SHUT UP NA LANG.


Some candidates are so desperate that they keep themselves busy to make an Anti-Duterte ad featuring kids who were forced to portray to be disgusted with Duterte. I feel bad for the parents of the children who mixed up their innocent children into this.

I don’t care if Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is behind it because if he really did it out of bitterness when Duterte himself did not show up in BPI Julia Vargas branch in Ortigas to show the true amount of his account then bye, bye Sonny. In the first place, Sonny Trillanes should be considered as a nuisance candidate like Ely Pamatong or Eddie Gil. The very reason that he was not labeled as a nuisance candidate for vice president is simply because he is a senator.

IN FACT, I am tired of extremists like him and this no longer the mid 2000s and the late 2000s in which he led those coup attempts. This is no longer the 20th century because in those days he was still trying hard to be Rambo and Commando. We can even label him as a trying hard Gringo Honasan when Gringo orchestrated those coups during the Cory Aquino administration. The difference is just that Gringo fired weapons, brought it to the streets then went into hiding until he got caught not like this guy who never fired a weapon because he brought his coup attempts to luxurious hotels, making Oakwood change its name to Ascott after the Oakwood mutiny of 2004 and ruining a wedding at Manila Peninsula in 2007 thinking that Arroyo would step down just like that after those coup attempts. Up to this day, I still don’t get why he would stage his coups at those hotels.


Most people are so hooked with the candidates in the national position. I’m one of the few who wants to know and wants to see a piece of action in the local election particularly in places like Caloocan (a well-known election hotspot), Maguindanao, Quezon City, San Juan, Isabela, Ilocos Sur, Cavite, and Laguna. Local elections in this country intensify the election other than the presidential and vice presidential election having a tight race in a city or province.


Only one day to go and I will be voting for the National Election.

The people have made up their minds and I just hope that the PCOS machines will not screw with our votes because if my vote for Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Bongbong Marcos does not count for them and that their votes will only go to other candidates, I will not just shave my head out of frustration. I will also try my best to convince one of our relatives overseas to get us out of the Philippines if one of them does not win because one of my friends is willing to ask her uncle to get her family out of here and go to Singapore.

It even sickens me to see friendships, relationships and families fall apart because of this election just because one person votes for a particular candidate and the other person has a different candidate in mind.

So people relax. You should not unfriend, unfollow, block or even report someone because of their political belief because I know someone who is in a relationship, they have not talked to each other for quite some time because the guy wants to vote for Duterte and Marcos while his girlfriend wants to vote for Santiago and Robredo. Another is a bunch of friends who were drinking buddies until they had a different decision of who they will be voting for president. Three of them wants to vote for Roxas and Robredo, another three plans to vote for Santiago and Marcos then the two remaining friends are voting for Duterte and Marcos.giphy-facebook_s

The campaign and the jingles are temporary not unless it’s President Ramon Magsaysay’s jingle or Manny Villar’s jingle when Manny Villar ran for president back in 2010 but on a serious note, a few things that will only last is what the president-elect will do or what they plan to do.


We should be serious in voting and we should not make the same mistake AGAIN.

God bless the Philippines and the Filipino people.


One Night at the Theater and Tisoy

Courtesy of Gentle Mapagu

During my early teens, I didn’t appreciate watching theater productions with the presumption that it’s boring, especially the ones we are forced to watch back in our elementary and high school days. But as I grew older, I became more open-minded with the arts and realized that I was missing half of my life, like how I would tell some people who have not seen the first two films of ‘The Godfather’, ‘The Shining’, ‘Full Metal Jacket’ and many other films that gave us that surreal experience as viewers.

My first experience in watching a theater production was in our school (Letran) during my freshman year. Looking back, the play featured a lot of “hugot” and I didn’t like it that much because it gave me the impression that I was watching a romantic comedy that gives off a lot of cheesy “feels”.

Outside Letran, I was able to watch a production in PETA entitled ‘Strong Boy, Deaf Boy and a Girl in an Abaya’ followed by ‘Ayanasu’’. After that, I got the chance to see Cherie Gil, again in PETA, for ‘Arbol de Fuego’.

Fast forward to the present, I just watched DUP’s (Dulaang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas) production etitled ‘Tisoy Brown: Hari ng Wala’ based on Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt. It was my first time to watch a production way up north of Metro Manila, thanks to my friends that are theater majors in UP Diliman. Although they are not part of the cast and one friend is part of the production team, it is something worth asking your friends for and I am grateful for them.

The show enlightened me about the stigma and culture that was present in Central Luzon from Pampanga to Olongapo during the time when US Bases were still here in the Philippines and the US service men from the Navy or any branch of the US military would treat Filipino women like their past time but it was not all about that stigma and culture. It also enlightened that when you make out with a stripper and get high at the same time, it leads you to a different dimension. You don’t even know that she could be the devil’s daughter or she could just be the daughter of the most powerful drug lord in town. Also, you don’t just leave the love of your life at home like that when the stripper you banged comes at your doorstep telling you that you have a son and that you are a lucky guy that Death’s home girl did not bring your soul to hell.

It’s also my first time to see Neil Ryan Sese out of the mainstream media and to my surprise, he is truly a good actor. It’s really sad that the mainstream media limits him to certain roles. People like him deserve more screen time in the mainstream.

The whole experience truly brought me close, also literally, because my ticket is designated to the second row and brought me out of my comfort zone because off all the strip tease and acts that are truly SPG since I am from a Catholic school. Scripts for acts like Tisoy Brown will surely be expurgated or may not be even shown to schools like mine.

The way I saw it, the moral of the story is that if you are from Central Luzon and labeled for being the son of a US service man, you really have to prove yourself no matter what. Another is that you should not get easily distracted with strip clubs or sexy women wearing black. The most important for me is throughout the play, Tisoy is truly the ‘Hari ng Wala’ despite venturing in illegal businesses, leading a cult of devoted women, and being hailed as a genius in a mental hospital.




After reading Lourd de Veyra’s post in This Is A Crazy Planets for Rodrigo Duterte and his projected inaugural speech on spot.ph I have considered the option of voting for the badass mayor in 2016. Another thing that made me reconsider Duterte is the so-called forum that happened in De La Salle University in which he and his running mate Allan Peter Cayetano are the only tandem who attended the forum which looked more of a campaign just with that university and the things he said in that forum.

Voting for Duterte is good for some of the people but if we really think hard about it, are we really ready for a person like him to run the country especially for people who are not accustomed or used to see news of someone being dumped in the Pasig River or getting hanged in billboards surrounded by people in Quiapo or EDSA with a sign also attached to them like a necklace with the signs saying; “Pusher ako”, “Rapist ako”, “Adik ako” for that matter. More important is for the funeral parlors to be ready to cater a lot of corpses than they use to.

If we vote for the man over any other candidate, he can really win the GOD DAMNED THING. Because everyone is tired of seeing trapos doing these not so subtle commercials that they are already campaigning themselves.

If Duterte really wins the 2016 election don’t expect the crime rate to easily go down that fast but the fear of Duterte himself and the Davao Death Squad will be there for the motherfuckers who dare to make a move under his presidency. I would be thrilled than fearful to see some criminals floating in the Pasig River. If not floating in the river probably placed inside a barrel or drum in very narrow alley within Metro Manila. The Davao Death Squad will now become the Philippine National Death Squad possibly getting rid of the incompetent policemen who are as incompetent and fat like the chief of police in ‘The Simpsons’, Chief Wiggum and replacing the Philippine National Police as a whole.

In that forum at DLSU, it’s good to hear his plans for agriculture since Mindanao has rich rice fields and plantations of some sorts which from my understanding, is really the backbone of the country’s economy not just the region itself. Not these developers who are trying hard to make skyscrapers and skylines. Even ruin Jose Rizal’s background.

When he becomes president, I only hope and pray hard that he can solve the traffic problem in Metro Manila because every mayor in each city of Metro Manila is not really capable of easing the problem but for one thing; Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and Vice Mayor Isko Moreno did this truck ban to ease the traffic in Manila but then lifted the ban because of pressure from truck drivers and business owners who find it hard to make things work during the window hours.

I hope he plans to regulate the number of cars being sold to individuals and also limiting bus liners to have only this number of buses under each franchises or bus liners. We hope that Duterte encourages people to take public transportation and increase the number of trains for all lines whether it’s the MRT, LRT or even the PNR. Point is we need more trains.

He should have the idea to establish a railroad program that will establish a line that would distribute cargo easily so that cargo vessels won’t have a hard time distributing goods from the Bureau of Customs and ports across the country.

Since Duterte is a law graduate, I hope he improves the justice system with reforms that would bring back the trust and faith of the people who has completely lost their trust and faith with the system. I would like to see a much faster process in the justice system in which appeals will be limited to only one appeal. As for entrusting the justice system I only trust someone who graduated from UP, San Beda, and Ateneo to run the justice system particularly, the Supreme Court.

I don’t really mind Duterte bringing back the death penalty if he wants to because it is just practical because no one is afraid of going to jail these days. His future secretary of justice should have a reform in the penal system that makes corrupt officials eligible for death penalty that would surely get rid of some corrupt officials in power so that they can no longer contaminate the world. They should also turn things around in the New Bilibid Prison by depriving the prisoners of their VIP treatment like Tony Leviste who can enter and exit Bilibid whenever he wants so as Rolito Go, and many other prisoners serving lifetime sentences because of their high profile case. Also get rid of prisoners who can make music videos just within the facility. Give them hell on earth.

With the issue of Duterte taking mathematics out of the curriculum, I completely disagree with his idea of getting rid of math at all because how can one person become qualified to study engineering, architecture, and a business course if one student does not know how to calculate? I may have struggle with the subject especially in Behavioral Statistics when I was still a psychology major but getting rid of math will only benefit the delinquents who struggled with math many times.

Schools in the provinces should expand and have more classrooms because I’m really tired of seeing public schools having this shortage of classes and especially the lack of updated textbooks.

The DSWD under his presidency should not be the DSWD that we know today because of pilfering the relief goods that came to benefit the victims of typhoon Yolanda then hiding the poor and homeless whenever a big time dignitary comes to the country like the ones Dinky Soliman brought to a resort during the Pope’s visit in January 2015.

The DPWH should progress efficiently not only work very fast with Duterte as president especially with the construction of the Skyway because if the people working at the DPWH do not want to lose their jobs they should really do well if they do not want to get a standing ovation from his middle finger and the big PUTANG INA NIYO from his mouth.

It is not only the Skyway that needs to get done under his term or any other candidate. There should be something that would really connect the archipelago under his term from bridges and much stronger Roro boats.

Taking the Commission on Human Rights out of the picture as he wants to is not really a solution because the CHR is just this organization telling us how to care for helpless human beings even if they are criminals who has their pair of testicles tied to a string being pulled by a loose cannon cop traumatizing the criminal to not do it again. But let’s be honest here, Duterte does not only want to get rid of the CHR because of Etta Rosales’ predecessor, Leila de Lima because the way I see it, he only wants to get rid of the criminals and their human right to have a lawyer and seek fair trial.

As for his disputes happening as early as now, it’s not really entertaining to see aspiring presidents talk bad things about each before the campaign proper and the debates because it’s like spoilers to a movie that you have long waited for another sequel then it would just be ruined by a childish argument. But for both Duterte and Roxas, keep it going.

If it is really Election Day tomorrow in the Philippines, I would really vote and pray hard for this guy to win so that the D.O.M. living next to us would stop ranting that he regrets coming back to the Philippines after living in Japan for twenty years.

Farewell Kuya Germs


It’s my first time writing a tribute and with that, we always thought that some people in entertainment particularly here in the Philippines will be with us forever in our lives from Julie Vega, Nida Blanca, Fernando Poe Jr., Francis Magalona to Dolphy.

It was just last Thursday when a friend invited me to visit the Cinematheque Centre Manila in Kalaw the place that formerly houses the linguistic school, Instituto Cervantes de Manila. When we got there, we planned to watch the showing of Lino Brocka’s ‘Maynila: Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag’ based from Edgardo M. Reyes’ novel “Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag” then Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes’ ‘Sonata’ starring Cherie Gil. In our visit there, my friend asked me a random question and the question was, ‘what were German Moreno’s notable films?’ I told her of one movie titled ‘Payaso’ from 1986 directed by Celso Ad Castillo in which he was the star and gave cameo to some of the actors who were popular at that time and the actors who owe their success to him.

After the visit, I was still up late at night and I told her that the news of German Moreno’s death. Before telling her of German Moreno’s demise I could not believe it myself because she just asked me in Cinematheque what are some of his notable movies then when I saw the headline of German Moreno’s demise, you would think that it’s another RIP spam spread like John Cena’s or any famous celebrity out there.

I’m not really a big fan of German Moreno but I salute him for making some of the celebrities we know both past and present famous especially for the generation of ‘That’s Entertainment’ in which we still some of them today on TV regardless of network and I say regardless of network because some of them will be under German Moreno’s watch then when the time comes they would go to a different network outside GMA. Knowing him as a generous man from the people who have fond memories of him it’s unlikely that he would hold a grudge.

His staying power in show business is amazing that really started from the bottom and reaching the success that we know as viewers which in my opinion really gave him that staying power because he shared it. He did not keep that success to himself because he truly shared it whether one talent succeeded or not because the values he shared will remain.

It’s really sad that some of the people only know him for that one punchline, “Walang Tulugan!” from drug addicts to alcoholics which is also the title of his late night Saturday show in GMA. Sometimes I even think it’s a sign of disrespect and disservice to Kuya Germs for giving him that timeslot and seriously who still watches TV that late because it’s Saturday in which some of the people are having a night out, getting drunk or getting laid and some are sleeping already so they won’t be late for the mass on Sunday morning for their favorite parish priest or any priest in that parish.

With his demise, there’s no more late night Saturday variety show like his. There’s no more screen time for anyone who wants to be a star the way he gave it whether it is ‘That’s Entertainment’ or ‘Walang Tulugan’ and more important is there’s no more dress changes between commercials from one sequenced suit to another.

Like you said, WALANG TULUGAN!



It’s that time of the year again not just for Christmas but also for that money-making scam called the Metro Manila Film Festival where most films are poorly written, capitalizing on love teams, no structure, no plot and bad casting.

I am not writing this because of the news that Erik Matti’s film ‘Honor Thy Father’ got the disqualification notice from the people running the MMFF. I have yet to see the film to be honest and I have also read the news that it was shown in other film festivals within the Philippines and internationally which is why it was disqualified from the best picture category. The problem I have right now is how to save money to see how good it is. I am now jealous of my friend who has seen it and really got me curious by the people who are raving about it from social media.

If I’m going to share a terrible experience of the MMFF, I would like to share what happened to me last year in the province, Christmas time with the relatives from the mother side. In which my family together with our relatives there watched separate MMFF films in a mall that has good ambiance with Batman’s sidekick almost owning the place. That year, I thought ‘Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles’ would make it there since the leading star is Dingdong Dantes but no. Some celebrities are just too influential that their movie could really take the rest of the cinemas. Since the place didn’t have much shops the way it has here in their Metro Manila branches for me to just go window shopping, I watched ‘My Big Bossing’ with some of my relatives while my other relatives watched Vice Ganda and Kris Aquino’s son in the other cinema. The experience was horrible. That experience was just as bad as the time when I watched ‘Scary Movie 5’ instead of watching Iron Man 3 again with my dad and sister after watching it with my cousin. I don’t have the official count on how much brain cells were lost after watching Vic Sotto and Ryza Mae in three different stories but the experience was worth a flash of neuralyzer courtesy of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Let me go to the point where the MMFF is no place for serious films or artistic films. I really hate that this has to happen every year. The parade is already that pathetic and causing traffic terribly every year. This is not Cinemalaya, Cannes or even the Oscars where every film is almost a work of art. You won’t see a film like a caliber of Brocka, Bernal, de Leon in this festival. It has always been a festival for the low quality films and for people who don’t make an effort to find meaning in a film and see why a good story like that was written. They are using their influence to make people dumber every year.

This is the very reason why people saved money to watch Star Wars before it was pulled out of the theaters. This is the reason why that other John Lloyd Cruz movie with Bea Alonzo was released earlier before this scam so that Star Cinema could have another business venture with Vice Ganda and Kris Aquino and the very reason why ‘The Revenant and ‘The Hateful Eight’ are not yet shown at this time of year here in the Philippines. Well the Philippines right now is not the only place where Star Wars or any other foreign film will be making money and showing why their films are truly trending worldwide and why the script or footage leaked.

I don’t really want to rant the way Lourd de Veyra did years ago over that Bossing movie in his column on spot.ph but I’m just happy to see how Maria Ozawa works in ‘Nilalang’ directed by Pedring Lopez with Cesar Montano that tackles about an evil Japanese spirit from the sixteen hundreds that’s always in a bloodlust and possess people. I watched it with my family because my dad is obviously a Robin Padilla fan which he won’t just admit it. I am not being insensitive when I said that too bad Robin Padilla backed out of this because of his wife’s condition. He should have just finished it but what can I do, Cesar Montano finished it and did it way better than Robin. Aubrey Miles could have got a longer screen time than the guy who got possessed then butchered her in the film even Yam Concepcion. What I didn’t like about the film is the slow build-up but overall it’s still worth spending your aginaldo or Christmas bonus and if you are really into action it’s the movie to watch.

In my years of existence there’s not a year that the usual suspects of the MMFF have been absent from Bossing to Krissy, Vice, Mother Lily Monteverde’s films as such. Some anthologies of Regal films have discontinued and some have just begun. Some movies of Regal films are just too obvious that they are spinoffs of that anthology. I’m really surprised that this year, former Laguna governor E.R. Ejercito or George Estregan (Whatever you may call him) did not banner himself again in another gangster film and as much as I liked “Asiong” in 2011, repeating another concept is not that really good if you ask me after failing so hard to make a good image out Emilio Aguinaldo after Asiong Salonga. I even think he just took a break after he got the boot from COMELEC for overspending during his last campaign for governor of Laguna and now out of office. He probably got tired also of not winning best actor too after Asiong. The trend won’t simply end but man do people get tired of seeing the same faces, the same storyline every year?! I’m sure tired of seeing some of them every day of my life.

This is why if we were only rich, I would always ask my parents to go to the US for one week every Christmas season not just for the snow but also to watch the movies that needs to be seen because there’s not much films that you can watch in the MMFF.

There are only a few films worth watching again in the Metro Manila Film Festival. One of those was Robin Padilla in ’10,000 Hours’ and again because my dad is a Robin Padilla fan. It was the only film I know that was truly good from cinematography, the script, and acting despite the fact that is was based from the story of former senator Panfilo Lacson’s exile or hiding for some people when he was hunted down by the authorities. Although the entire story was purely fiction, Lacson’s story was worth writing. Of course there’s ‘Asiong’ which truly revived the action film genre in the Philippines in 2011. It’s just too bad that the movie is E.R. Ejercito’s one-hit wonder. It’s only right in this portion that E.R. as a leading man is okay but not really okay, and why? Because the guy is known better as a villain or sometimes sidekick in Robin Padilla’s early films, bad guy to Ronnie Ricketts or Bong Revilla from the late 1980s to the 1990s. Which is why during the MMFF, I’m always after action films. It doesn’t matter what studio made it or the production made behind it.

I just want to get rid myself of the crappy film entries by Star Cinema, Regal, and M-Zet. The only time that I can watch a serious film as good as ‘Honor Thy Father’, ‘Nilalang’ or ‘Thy Womb’ is when I read the reviews or when my father plans to watch something that he sees good in the MMFF. So please if you people are kind enough please don’t give any torrent copies the way ‘Heneral Luna’  was viewed for some, just buy me lunch and a ticket for ‘Honor Thy Father’ and I’ll pay you back any way I can in 2016 after seeing the movie.


When Pia Left Me In Awe



You thought I wouldn’t post something like this am I right?

I don’t really post or comment something about beauty pageants like Miss Universe or any other pageants out there but this is something I will try make this short, simple, and precise. This won’t tackle Steve Harvey’s manning up and taking full responsibility of that mistake or Miss Colombia’s very, very short reign and walk. But again Steve Harvey, you had us at accepting that first runner-up and Miss Colombia sorry for that very short walk and wearing that crown in a short while.

I didn’t expect so much from Miss Philippines for this year’s Miss Universe because in the years Shamcey Supsup (2011) and Janine Tugonon (2012) were in the Miss Universe, I kind of jinxed their pageants when they reached the world stage. So for Pia I didn’t really get my hopes up for her before the pageant commenced. When she was still in Binibining Pilipinas, I honestly doubted her for being a repeater of the pageant. So if Pia Wurtzbach knows me in some way, she would definitely give me this fierce look below until she walks away.


I was not yet born the last time Philippines won Miss Universe with Margarita “Margie” Moran in 1973. I was still in diapers when Charlene Gonzales gave that “high tide or low tide answer” for her question and answer portion. When my late grandmother was still around we would always watch the pageant with her  and the whole it’s really something to watch for and  Lola also wants to get ideas for styling up her customers when we still have our parlor.

I don’t remember what hairstyle Lola tried to replicate to her customers from her years in that parlor and watching pageants and even buying those entertainment magazines but I know she did her best with that hair and makeup those years. Of course her employees would stop working just to watch it on their TV making it the most beautiful day in the universe.

Pia has not been Miss Universe for a week and with her reign since Monday (Manila Time) so much has come out of the internet and recently, some guy who claims to be her ex boyfriend is the most bizarre post I’ve seen so far. It doesn’t matter if that’s true or not because the point is, too bad for you bro if you really did hook up with her. Other than that post are the memes featuring her awkward moment with Miss Colombia. Pia’s startled look and many angles of her coming out with different captions that everyone can relate with almost everything from academics, love life and many others which some are both amusing and disturbing.

Other than her win, I’m just happy that it’s not a Latina year again because for one thing I am tired of Latin Americans winning the pageant all the time whether it’s Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Argentina or Mexico. Nothing against Latin Americans but it’s really high time not just for us if Pia was not on the top three but also for the other candidates coming from other continents. One thing to be amazed was when Angola was crowned Miss Universe in 2011. I even thought of France winning the pageant out-of-sympathy and that she would get that crown because her country was devastated by that terrorist group who dares to attack Russia but that’s going to be another politically influenced issue and another heartbreak year for the Philippines. More important is that Donald Trump no longer has control of the pageant after those forgettable remarks about Hispanics crossing the border of the United States and Mexico also those remarks about banning Muslims in the US.

As for her answer to that first part of the question and answer portion, I don’t find that wrong and it was just the right answer because let’s face it that we need US presence in the country in these times and we cannot just let China screw around with our natural resources, oceans and disputed islands. We don’t have enough arms to fight off China and why hate the United State for establishing bases in the country. It may be hard to look back on some events that made this love-hate relationship with the United States because at the end of the day, the influence of the Americans on us for me outlasted Spain’s influence in certain aspects from language, culture, government system and sports as such.

Enough of the politics that surrounded her answer and so for all the girls out there, here’s your inspiration not only to try and succeed in pageants but also to live out her values of being beautiful and confident.