Good Bye, I Guess

“Just when I thought I was out, but they brought me back.”

Those were the words Michael Corleone uttered when he thought that he was done being a mobster in The Godfather Part 3.

On a personal note, I really thought it would end with whatever I posted the last time in my WordPress site but no. This summer break free from summer classes brought me back.

I just had a lot of school stuff to work on from the previous semester and a whole lot of life events that I really had to live through.

If there’s one word to describe what has happened the past few days after posting my disappointment over the death penalty, the word would be secluded.

I secluded myself to the point where I thought of deactivating this site. Not only because I have to go to school and hone my skills to become the writer that I want to be, but because I also lost the inspiration that provided me the will to write when I started this site.

My inspiration was not within the four corners of my age-old institution when I started writing. The inspiration was located in a place where I sought refuge or asylum from the smoke and damning concrete of Manila. The inspiration was in Diliman.

After uncovering something I should not have seen for myself, I knew that I should not have really forced the issue which I thought I could restore after I went there in December.
April of 2016 was my zero dark thirty with that aspiring actress.

She was brilliant when she performed that night in December. But the guilt that I harbored that April 2016 kept me from restoring what I broke.

I told myself, “I’ve had enough of you”. To which I learned that I should not go that far just to look for inspiration.

You don’t miss me that’s for sure. I don’t miss you either.

I no longer have your drawing in my possession. I tore it to shreds for it simply symbolizes how miserable I was when I thought I could make you fall for me. We both know how it ended.

That’s only one chapter.

In honing my skills with opinion writing, there’s just too much issue in this world to write about, and I can’t simply write about just one issue.

In the moments that we didn’t have cabled TV, all I can say is; it was fine.

It was okay for me that I didn’t get to watch CNN, BBC or Fox News because it’s just very toxic to see the war in Syria everyday on your TV. What more when the war on drugs in this country is on your local primetime news every night? Where TV broadcasts get to show the so-called criminal of the day.

The rebranding of OPLAN Tokhang to “Project Double-Barrel Reloaded” sounds grim to me than the latter.

Now that we have cable back, I try my best to watch the NBA at all times because to watch cable news TV is just toxic especially CNN. To which Donald Trump claims they are fake news. What’s toxic about CNN is broadcasting Trump everyday and he is unbearable to watch as president of the United States of America. Well of course the war on Syria, Iraq, or anywhere in the Arab region is also an unbearable sight simply because it’s war and I’m just fed up with war for it costs a lot of lives and money just for the arsenal.

With that being said, I simply take it as a challenge. The challenge to write in a period where every college student is either idle in some part of country or out of it. While some are making up for either lost time or grades (pun intended). Some would simply bring their school uniforms and play the vacant game.

Summer’s here again, and it’s not the right time to be dancing in the street like Jagger and Bowie did.

The heat never fails to run the fingers of some people and complain to social media just to trend and earn that notoriety for a screen shot.

The boredom of being confined in the concrete jungle known as Metro Manila makes people the worst people to be with because they’re not in some tropical paradise within this third world country or elsewhere. One example is a bunch of office workers who prey on the dinosaur of an office mate because of that person’s age and the generation gap that everyone knows.
The worst part is dealing with those people when they ask who do you have your sights on, then if you don’t play along you become the worst human being on this planet.

Summer can really become fun, only if you can make yourself productive. Instead of just lying down to watch the NBA and see if LeBron James would lose or Russell Westbrook scores a triple-double.

If only I didn’t run and win it, I would have just went to my cousin’s house and drink under the sun. But with that triumph, I now have to bear a responsibility no one dared to bear.

That being said, this is my final post for this site. It was fun. It was fun while it lasted. No thanks to you, the government and YOU.

I truly wish that I could have wrote more for this but I just need more time and skills to write.

Author: babyama0402

I am Rick. Born April 2, 1993 living in the catch basin area of Sampaloc, Manila. I am underweight and if you can bring me to a buffet or just simply asking me out to have lunch or dinner I’ll have the most delicious meal with a lot of carbs and good fat. I am former psychology student at Colegio de San Juan de Letran and now I have shifted to journalism in the same institution. I am a fan of sports, music lover, animal lover, dog owner, movie goer in my spare time and money, geek and many other things such as photography. I am not really a bibliophile but I try to read a lot of books as much as I can from fiction to non-fiction, foreign or Philippine literature. I can write something about sports, social issues in the Philippines, even world news or just any thing I want to write about that can give meaning to the universe.

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