My 23 Random Thoughts In My 23 Years of Existence

  1. If you’re a psychology major, abnormal psychology could make you interested or crazy. Moreover it is a depressing major with a lot of depressing examples.
  2. Forgiveness is one key to inner peace.
  3. If you get a crush on someone instantly, it’s all infatuation and if Spandau Ballet’s song ‘True’ is the soundtrack in your head or in the establishment you are in the moment you saw that person for the first time in slow motion, it is still infatuation. The soundtrack in the establishment may just be purely coincidentally.
  4. Rizal Avenue (Avenida to some people) will always give you the feeling that you are in an indie film or a Lino Brocka film.12196104_1196647203683829_6837782426873673094_n
  5.  In college, don’t trust a person from the higher batch about what they say that a certain professor guarantees you a passing grade even if you don’t do shit because you belong in a morning class at 8:30AM and you are surrounded by happy-go-lucky blockmates.
  6. Philippine entertainment lives and dies by love teams.
  7. The movie ‘The Exorcist’ is not as scary as it seems.The-Exorcist-1973-movie-poster
  8. Going all white and almost looking like Dolphy or John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever to a culminating event is good.
  9. Don’t suppress your talent. Join your school’s theater guild, glee club or dance troupe.
  10. Sometimes the owner is more of an animal than the pet itself.
  11. If your school’s library is breezy and relaxing, sleep on it.
  12. Break only two promises to yourself for you to have a little freedom. If you break more than three then you are lost with life.
  13. Don’t go to a café that has a Bohemian theme for it plays songs that will hit you like a stray bullet especially on a Friday night.
  14. Shaving your hair is a way of releasing your stress.fmj3
  15. Don’t try too hard to grow a beard if a relative like your grandfather or uncle tried so hard to grow one because genetically your family is not blessed to grow beards.
  16. Don’t just rely on your friend that is a movie buff to get movies. Save enough money to watch the movie itself. Just go to him so you could get a download or copy of movies that didn’t seem to be approved by the MTRCB.
  17. Bear with your friend. You’re not the only one struggling at something. As long as they are near and dear to you, bear with them.
  18. Don’t force yourself at something you know you are not really capable of doing.
  19. Collecting NBA cards is still cool thing. Collecting baseball cards is way cooler so give me one


  20. If you plan to travel and stay for vacation this summer, Baguio is not the only place breezy enough for you to cool down this summer. There’s always Tagaytay if you’re too lazy to drive or too scared to travel north.
  21. Girls who are full of themselves do not just prey and talk shit about their fellow girls these past few years. They also prey and talk shit on guys too if they look too ugly, skinnier than them and sound too smart for them.
  22. I thought I was high when I saw Pepe Smith but when I approached him, I proved to myself that I was not high because of secondhand marijuana when I went to this rock event in Makati.
  23. I rekindle my liking for baseball by becoming a San Francisco Giants fan because I got tired of watching basketball all year round from the NBA, US NCAA, NCAA in the Philippines, the UAAP and the PBA.

Author: babyama0402

I am Rick. Born April 2, 1993 living in the catch basin area of Sampaloc, Manila. I am underweight and if you can bring me to a buffet or just simply asking me out to have lunch or dinner I’ll have the most delicious meal with a lot of carbs and good fat. I am former psychology student at Colegio de San Juan de Letran and now I have shifted to journalism in the same institution. I am a fan of sports, music lover, animal lover, dog owner, movie goer in my spare time and money, geek and many other things such as photography. I am not really a bibliophile but I try to read a lot of books as much as I can from fiction to non-fiction, foreign or Philippine literature. I can write something about sports, social issues in the Philippines, even world news or just any thing I want to write about that can give meaning to the universe.

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