Leo and the Others Who Deserve It Too


When I heard of the news that he won best actor at the Golden Globes then he won the award same category at the Screen Actors Guild Awards I knew it’s his time.

It’s been days since Leonardo DiCaprio won his Academy Award for best actor on a leading role for his recent movie ‘The Revenant.’ But Years before this monumental event here in the internet and for every single fan of the cinema and the arts, I didn’t like how the people wanted Leonardo to win the award that bad in the previous years because I used to perceive him as this typical Hollywood actor or heartthrob relying on his looks then I turned into one of the people demanding to give Leo his Oscar already for he truly deserves the award. I also realized that he is no Aga Muhlach who keeps on playing the same roles over and over having the same routine in a romantic comedy or just plain romance.

In his previous nominations, particularly when he was nominated for the best actor category for ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ it was one nomination that he could have really won because his acting for me on Wolf of Wall Street was beyond expectation. At first you would think that he would just live out Jordan Belfort in the movie and bang these girls but no, because for me he made me feel like a true billionaire and truly gave me the feeling that with money you can really get the women. As for getting high, he should have just used weed than cocaine because I feel sorry for that white Ferrari. I haven’t really seen Matthew McCoughney on ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ and see why he won the award that award that year but man I feel Leo’s pain for he shared the same scene with he him at ‘Wall Street’ even if Matthew only did a cameo.

His nomination for ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ was a nomination that recognized him as an actor. Obviously the other nominees alongside with him were actors who have been in the industry before him like Tommy Lee Jones who won the award for The Fugitive. John Malkovich for his performance in the movie ‘In the Line of Fire.’ Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort to others) for the acclaimed Schindler’s List, and Pete Postlethwaite for, In The Name of the Father.

DiCaprio was young and he had so much ahead of him because after that nomination he did a never-ending adaptation of Romeo and Juliet with Claire Danes. He boarded the Titanic with Kate Winslet. Wore an iron mask based from the character of Alexander Dumas. He made a fool out of Tom Hanks in Catch Me If You Can making Tom Hanks a different version Forrest Gump by chasing DiCaprio as Frank Abagnale, Jr. and he ran a gang in New York and many other films.

His nomination in 2005 was not really for him in his nomination for The Aviator because Jamie Foxx really nailed his portrayal of Ray Charles especially wearing those sunglasses and singing as well. Leonardo portraying Howard Hughes was not really meant for the audience of that time I must say because of what Howard Hughes is and if the movie The Aviator were shown around the late 2000s to the 2010s he could have won the Oscar already but what can we do? He already won it with ‘The Revenant’.

In the movies that he gave a good performance but didn’t really get nominated, it still bugs me that he was not nominated for Django Unchained because Christoph Waltz was already in that category for his role of King Schultz. Leo was the bad guy. It seems to be very unfortunate that Leo’s performance was not enough for a nomination after all that blood and wound on his hand for doing that dining table scene which really is out of the script. Another performance in which he could have been nominated was Catch Me If You Can. Another is Inception then The Great Gatsby.

With DiCaprio winning the award, I can’t think of any actors or actresses that deserve that kind of demand for an Oscar. But if I were to name a few these are the people I think deserving of a demand like Leo:



Brad Pitt AS AN ACTOR deserves an Oscar even if he has already won an Oscar for being one of the producers of ’12 Years a Slave’ but who really gets to keep the Oscar for being one of the producers?

His acting resume may not look that hefty for some of the people in the Academy nominating and awarding these Hollywood actors but he deserves one. I’m even shocked that he’s already fifty years old.

In the year that he got nominated for ‘Benjamin Button’, he did not won the Oscar because Sean Penn’s performance and portrayal of gay rights and politician Harvey Milk in Milk in 2009. I’ve seen both movies and after watching both movies I can see why Sean won the award.


  1. Helena Bonham Carter 1656088_10153881355997488_2680616092357324609_n

Helena Bonham Carter for me deserves one because her choice of films and roles are just worth praising. She seems to be okay with her other awards and she better have a movie worth another Oscar nomination because she only has two Oscar nominations first was for The Wings of the Dove and The King’s Speech.

I don’t find her underrated. It must be the casting that makes her look underrated.




  1. Jonah Hill The-Wolf-of-Wall-Street-Jonah-Hill-Leonardo-DiCaprio21

Jonah Hill for me deserves an Oscar because he has been already been nominated twice first with Moneyball and The Wolf of Wall Street.

I like Jonah Hill doing movies as serious as the two movies he got nominated for an Oscar and he should lessen doing comedies but if you’re someone who made their mark doing comedies, he should keep on doing it for it is his trademark.

Casting him next to big name stars is really the key for him getting those nominations and he should deliver a better performance.


  1. Amy Adams  28920301_adams_ench_422158c

For someone who have been romanced and conned by Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can, a Disney Princess who crossed between the animated world and reality, Clint Eastwood’s daughter working as a lawyer with a knowledge and understanding on baseball in ‘Trouble with the Curve’ who also made out with Justin Timberlake in a lake late at night, Christian Bale’s and Bradley Cooper’s side chick in ‘American Hustle’ and the new Lois Lane for Man of Steel and the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Amy deserves an Oscar for her acting because she never gives me a dull moment.



  1. Johnny Depp

The man has done so much movies and he has played so many characters that we love from an emo version of Wolverine in Edward Scissor Hands, a gangster protégé under Al Pacino in Donnie Brasco, Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a devilish pirate named Jack Sparrow, The Mad Hatter, a bloodthirsty barber and many others even a mediocre director in Ed Wood.

I really find his choice of roles and movies very weird but when you get to watch it you will just be amazed that he pulled it off.

Johnny Depp has had more People’s Choice Awards and Teen Choice Awards in his resume and various awards as well that are not known to many like the London Critics Circle Film Awards and other international award giving bodies and even awarded for worst actor. It’s about time people call out for Johnny Depp’s Oscar the way people did for Leo’s before.


  1. Edward Norton MSDFICL EC011

I’ve never been a fan of Edward Norton but he never fails the audience.

For a guy who has shot himself in the mouth to kill Brad Pitt in his head and beat up Jared Leto through Brad Pitt’s personality in Fight Club. Double crossed Matt Damon and Charlize Theron in The Italian Job, the last actor to portray The Incredible Hulk in his own movie before placing him in the Avengers and Emma Stone’s over aged lover in ‘Birdman’, Edward Norton deserves an Oscar already for these movies I must say.

The characters that he play fits him and it’s gonna take him a lot of movies at this point to get a nomination worthy being nominated.



  1. Steve Buscemi

This guy deserves to be cast in a movie that is worth an Oscar nomination not just his performance. Too bad he did not get nominated for Reservoir Dogs which for me is worth a nomination not just an Oscar but also any award giving body at that time.

The guy has already won a Golden Globe for the HBO series ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and as a fan of gangster theme shows or movie I can really say that he deserves the award. For others at the time that he received the award for them it was long overdue.

What I don’t like about Steve Buscemi is that he is typecast to certain roles from a hobo to a jerk off person in Adam Sandler movies to short appearances in movies that people won’t be watching which reminds of someone being cast as this bimbo or broad for how she dresses up. More important is that people do not seem to offer him roles that he could pull off because how he looks making him do voices which is not bad because he gave us Randall Boggs in Monsters Inc and Monsters University. But still where’s the justice in this?!

For me Steve also deserves to be cast to another Quentin Tarantino film but with the rumor that I’ve read and heard that he will only be directing a few films after The Hateful Eight, Quentin should really call back this guy again because he had called back Michael Madsen who I have not seen in a Quentin Tarantino film since he got bitten by a snake in Kill Bill Vol. 2 and with the trailer a couple months back, I almost didn’t recognize Michael Madsen.



  1. Stanley Tucci

I first saw him as Stanley Kubrick for the biography film of Peter Sellers in ‘The Life and Death of Peter Sellers’ starring Geoffrey Rush but I didn’t get to know his name even after the credits. I finally got to know his name after playing the doctor who buffed Steve Rogers in ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’.

Like Andy Garcia, he’s been cast to good or big ticket movies but never gets the recognition even a nomination for like A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, The Lovely Bones, Captain America: The First Avenger, the entire Hunger Games franchise, Transformers: Age of Extinction and the recent Oscar best picture Spotlight. Unlike Andy Garcia he got nominated for his performance in, ‘The Lovely Bones’.

These actors are not getting any younger. We just hope they get the award that they deserve. We should not just enjoy the plot or storyline when we get to watch their movies. We should also wish for a movie deserving of a nomination from their performance.

Author: babyama0402

I am Rick. Born April 2, 1993 living in the catch basin area of Sampaloc, Manila. I am underweight and if you can bring me to a buffet or just simply asking me out to have lunch or dinner I’ll have the most delicious meal with a lot of carbs and good fat. I am former psychology student at Colegio de San Juan de Letran and now I have shifted to journalism in the same institution. I am a fan of sports, music lover, animal lover, dog owner, movie goer in my spare time and money, geek and many other things such as photography. I am not really a bibliophile but I try to read a lot of books as much as I can from fiction to non-fiction, foreign or Philippine literature. I can write something about sports, social issues in the Philippines, even world news or just any thing I want to write about that can give meaning to the universe.

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