Grimm Mid season Finale Review


Just when you thought she was out, they brought her back.

After watching that episode of Grimm titled “Wesen Nacht” I am just surprised that Bitsie Tulloch is back. I like the twist that the writers made for the midseason finale because for everyone who assumed that Juliette is dead (myself included), it just shows that the characters that we assumed dead can come back from the dead by the power of the show’s writers. So for GOT fans and TWD fans, there’s hope! But this is ‘not’ Juliette. We only saw Bitsie Tulloch under a new persona of Eve and if you will ask me, that’s really Juliette because the Hexenbiest powers shows. It bothers me that the crossbow shot that Trubel gave was weak.  Well, what will you expect from a tiny crossbow with a tiny bolt and probably Meisner and Chavez had some work done in that underground facility.

As for this episode, it is one of the best episodes of the season for a midseason ending and it brings us closer to reveal the people behind the Black Claw the way they revealed and eliminated the Wesenrein. The group is driving me nuts with how they run the season.

I’ve been a fan of show since watching ‘Mommy Dearest’ back in season three because it featured the age-old story of the “Aswang” (A Philippine folklore that preys on pregnant women feeding on their child just within the womb) and the show had a better start than the last season in which Nick lost his Grimm vision thanks to Adalind and having an interesting start like that would really drive its viewers to watch more often and to encourage or gather new fans and find way to catch up with the show.

For the characters that we don’t know if they will be a mainstay or not and this is what I have to say for each of those characters; for Meisner (Damien Puckler) I always thought the guy is a good guy for helping out Sean Renard when we first saw him in season three but now I still doubt what his intentions really are for everyone this season especially for Sean who wants to see his daughter Diana. I’m still wondering if he has many other things that he keep in his facility and does the guy still have feelings for Adalind because you can tell that he still has feelings for her after helping her out in season three to escape the royals.

For Trubel (Jaqueline Toboni), I don’t think she will be staying because she will be leaving again and you can tell that the show has a rule of one which means that Nick is the only Grimm in Portland. The other Grimm whether it is Kelly Burkhardt (RIP) or Trubel should be elsewhere doing grimm stuff we don’t get to see but lived out in fan fiction. I’m just glad that she did not die horribly.

For the mainstays; Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) is now a daddy but it’s with Adalind and with the midseason ending, how will he handle the situation? Will he be driven to know if that was Juliette he really saw or he will he keep it to himself?

For Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz), we saw him endorsing a candidate for mayor of Portland just within the story and with the Black Claw lurking everywhere in Portland I had the thought that he might have endorsed a Wesen candidate or that the opposing mayoral candidate is Wesen but Sean Renard is also Wesen himself, a Zauberbiest so it won’t be a big deal for him unless he reveals himself.

For Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalie (Bree Turner), I hope they get a baby soon with Nick having one with Adalind already. I’m happy that their characters don’t make many potions anymore and their characters are more productive by getting out of the ‘Spice Shop’. Rosalie is becoming more badass since Monroe’s abduction in season four.

For Hank (Russell Hornsby), he better get a girl again and Hank better not go Wesen again after that Mishipeshu episode which brings to that sheriff with a Native-American descent who was possessed by the same spirit like Hank who ended up lashing out someone.

For Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee), I’m glad he’s getting involved more and more. I just wished Juliette did not burn the trailer so he could learn more about Wesen.

If we review everything that has happened in the first episode of season 5 and this midseason finale, Nick had a dream that there was a funeral for Juliette and his mom’s head was floating around after Juliette’s funeral.151028_2927615_The_Grimm_Identity Now with the recent episode, will the funeral still take place by knocking some sense into her character or will it just remain a vision for Nick. . .

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