The Joys and Struggles of Having a Dog


As the old saying goes ‘Dogs are man’s best friend’. Having a dog is both joyful and stressful from the feeding, the medication, the discipline and everything that comes along the way.

I’ve been a dog owner for almost five years and in the five years that I’ve had my dog Hendrix with me it’s been a roller-coaster ride. I got Hendrix from my uncle as a gift back in 2011. He let me choose among the puppies around the house but before I took him home, I had my sights set first to his brother Hammer but I didn’t have bond so I took Hendrix.

At first, his name was Hotdog until my father asked me it to change it. So I did change my dog’s name. It was hard thinking of a new name for my dog so that he truly belongs with me. On the day that I was thinking of renaming my dog, I wanted to change his name from Hotdog to Harry but the name is too common. I thought of renaming him Harrison but I couldn’t because it was too long for a dog’s name until I settled with the name Hendrix. I do not remember how my dad approved to the name Hendrix but I was more than happy to know that he liked his new name.

During his adjustment period from Hotdog to Hendrix, it took us weeks for him to adapt his new name. On the day that he finally adapted his new name, when I called him Hendrix I was really happy that he finally adapted.

As a puppy, he was so small that some people coming to our house mistook him as a toy. He was really playful and very noisy because of his high-pitched bark. When my grandmother was still here Hendrix will always get her attention and would always sleep next to her. Carrying him as a puppy were the best moments between me and Hendrix.

From puppy to adulthood of one dog, the challenge is always discipline towards the dog from the proper place on where he will pee and where he will leave his poop. The struggling part was when Hendrix always pees on the bed in his puppy days. The hardest part was when he learned to climb the stairs to our room then he would leave his mess here in our room. Whenever we walk, the struggling part is when he pees simultaneously. I only learned that they don’t pee the way we do is because they would mark one spot symbolizing that ‘THIS IS MY SPOT’.

When I didn’t have proper knowledge on why is he biting my aunt’s children at will it’s because he is “heating”. When my uncle’s wife, aunt Tonette told me that they bite because they need a mate I was puzzled because knowing our community, the houses in my area rarely has dachshunds for a pet dog. It’s been always hard to find a mate in a neighborhood where most houses has big breeds from Labradors, Mongrels, Askals, Rottweiler, bulldogs, and Pit bull. Then for the small breed of dogs the common breeds are Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, Terriers, Chihuahuas and Maltese. Having a mix breed depends upon the owner of the other dog if they would like to have a mix breed. Because sometimes two good-looking dogs may look fine but when the female gives birth and they owner or breeder may not find it pleasing, it is a struggle for both parties and selling them would take time and even the paper work to certify their breed.

When it comes to discipline, I only wish I could have really gave that effort to discipline Hendrix so that I wouldn’t be ashamed of his reputation as biter. Hendrix is my first dog and if I were to have another dog I would make up for it. I am not ashamed of having him as my dog but the nosy neighbors sometimes makes me feel bad for having him as my dog but I don’t let that get a hold of me because like a delinquent or problem child he is my responsibility and as his owner I would swallow that like a bitter pill. Because I can’t stand the one neighbor here who always stares me down like I did something wrong with him like pulling a prank on him. Keeps on telling that my dog bites well of course he bites as if I my folks don’t tell me what happens and sometimes I really think of pulling a prank on him but I am not playing his game.

Every dog should be treated like family and like what I always see on TV with Cesar Millan on the National Geographic Channel, I always apply what he does on TV from walking the dog the right way and disciplinary methods. In the times that I watched and apply his methods, it wasn’t overnight but I do envy him that every dog yields before him when he goes to someone’s house to check the dog and take the dogs to his center.

I always hated people who just wanted to have a dog then treat them just as guard dogs leaving them in a cage if they live a big home or have them tied on their leash then bark and bite at will to anyone who comes at their home. If you can’t pick up your dog’s poo on your, you can’t have them at all if you ask me.

Walking the dog is also a chick magnet if you ask me. Why? Because if you have a cute looking dog, girls may not be after the handler but your dog sure is gaining fans. More important is that walking your dog is also introducing you to different people, dog owners and non owners alike.

When I was still struggling to find him a mate and suppressing his doggy libido I would always have long walks with Hendrix from our home to the sidewalks of UST just for that. In those times that I walked with him around UST, I’m more than happy to know that we get noticed since I’m one of the few roaming around and that the female students are sometimes eager and afraid of him. The times that he ‘growled’ at the growling tigers well the students, he only expressed stress from the long walks and also he has been always possessive of his handlers that when I present him to the ones who want to touch him he would really growl.

The hardest part of course is bringing your dog to the veterinarian for something serious. The last time I brought Hendrix to the vet for something serious was when he kept throwing up and when the blood test results came in, he had this contamination and I was scared to death of losing him that early. It’s hard to see them like that and since then I’ve been very conscious especially when it comes to his health and diet. In his health and diet, I always limit him to dog food and rarely feed him table food because whenever I give table food Hendrix’s skin would go bad and he would have this shedding.

With my dog’s birthday on February, I still can’t believe that he would be five years old then on April he would be five years living with us. If my dog was human, he would be thirty five years old.

With a dog having only lifespan of 10 to 12 years, sometimes I would wish that they would always be with us. It’s truly a blessing if a dog would live to fifteen years old. So for all dog owners, keep our dogs safe and their bowls filled with food and water always. Most important is that, dogs are friends not food.



It’s that time of the year again not just for Christmas but also for that money-making scam called the Metro Manila Film Festival where most films are poorly written, capitalizing on love teams, no structure, no plot and bad casting.

I am not writing this because of the news that Erik Matti’s film ‘Honor Thy Father’ got the disqualification notice from the people running the MMFF. I have yet to see the film to be honest and I have also read the news that it was shown in other film festivals within the Philippines and internationally which is why it was disqualified from the best picture category. The problem I have right now is how to save money to see how good it is. I am now jealous of my friend who has seen it and really got me curious by the people who are raving about it from social media.

If I’m going to share a terrible experience of the MMFF, I would like to share what happened to me last year in the province, Christmas time with the relatives from the mother side. In which my family together with our relatives there watched separate MMFF films in a mall that has good ambiance with Batman’s sidekick almost owning the place. That year, I thought ‘Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles’ would make it there since the leading star is Dingdong Dantes but no. Some celebrities are just too influential that their movie could really take the rest of the cinemas. Since the place didn’t have much shops the way it has here in their Metro Manila branches for me to just go window shopping, I watched ‘My Big Bossing’ with some of my relatives while my other relatives watched Vice Ganda and Kris Aquino’s son in the other cinema. The experience was horrible. That experience was just as bad as the time when I watched ‘Scary Movie 5’ instead of watching Iron Man 3 again with my dad and sister after watching it with my cousin. I don’t have the official count on how much brain cells were lost after watching Vic Sotto and Ryza Mae in three different stories but the experience was worth a flash of neuralyzer courtesy of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Let me go to the point where the MMFF is no place for serious films or artistic films. I really hate that this has to happen every year. The parade is already that pathetic and causing traffic terribly every year. This is not Cinemalaya, Cannes or even the Oscars where every film is almost a work of art. You won’t see a film like a caliber of Brocka, Bernal, de Leon in this festival. It has always been a festival for the low quality films and for people who don’t make an effort to find meaning in a film and see why a good story like that was written. They are using their influence to make people dumber every year.

This is the very reason why people saved money to watch Star Wars before it was pulled out of the theaters. This is the reason why that other John Lloyd Cruz movie with Bea Alonzo was released earlier before this scam so that Star Cinema could have another business venture with Vice Ganda and Kris Aquino and the very reason why ‘The Revenant and ‘The Hateful Eight’ are not yet shown at this time of year here in the Philippines. Well the Philippines right now is not the only place where Star Wars or any other foreign film will be making money and showing why their films are truly trending worldwide and why the script or footage leaked.

I don’t really want to rant the way Lourd de Veyra did years ago over that Bossing movie in his column on but I’m just happy to see how Maria Ozawa works in ‘Nilalang’ directed by Pedring Lopez with Cesar Montano that tackles about an evil Japanese spirit from the sixteen hundreds that’s always in a bloodlust and possess people. I watched it with my family because my dad is obviously a Robin Padilla fan which he won’t just admit it. I am not being insensitive when I said that too bad Robin Padilla backed out of this because of his wife’s condition. He should have just finished it but what can I do, Cesar Montano finished it and did it way better than Robin. Aubrey Miles could have got a longer screen time than the guy who got possessed then butchered her in the film even Yam Concepcion. What I didn’t like about the film is the slow build-up but overall it’s still worth spending your aginaldo or Christmas bonus and if you are really into action it’s the movie to watch.

In my years of existence there’s not a year that the usual suspects of the MMFF have been absent from Bossing to Krissy, Vice, Mother Lily Monteverde’s films as such. Some anthologies of Regal films have discontinued and some have just begun. Some movies of Regal films are just too obvious that they are spinoffs of that anthology. I’m really surprised that this year, former Laguna governor E.R. Ejercito or George Estregan (Whatever you may call him) did not banner himself again in another gangster film and as much as I liked “Asiong” in 2011, repeating another concept is not that really good if you ask me after failing so hard to make a good image out Emilio Aguinaldo after Asiong Salonga. I even think he just took a break after he got the boot from COMELEC for overspending during his last campaign for governor of Laguna and now out of office. He probably got tired also of not winning best actor too after Asiong. The trend won’t simply end but man do people get tired of seeing the same faces, the same storyline every year?! I’m sure tired of seeing some of them every day of my life.

This is why if we were only rich, I would always ask my parents to go to the US for one week every Christmas season not just for the snow but also to watch the movies that needs to be seen because there’s not much films that you can watch in the MMFF.

There are only a few films worth watching again in the Metro Manila Film Festival. One of those was Robin Padilla in ’10,000 Hours’ and again because my dad is a Robin Padilla fan. It was the only film I know that was truly good from cinematography, the script, and acting despite the fact that is was based from the story of former senator Panfilo Lacson’s exile or hiding for some people when he was hunted down by the authorities. Although the entire story was purely fiction, Lacson’s story was worth writing. Of course there’s ‘Asiong’ which truly revived the action film genre in the Philippines in 2011. It’s just too bad that the movie is E.R. Ejercito’s one-hit wonder. It’s only right in this portion that E.R. as a leading man is okay but not really okay, and why? Because the guy is known better as a villain or sometimes sidekick in Robin Padilla’s early films, bad guy to Ronnie Ricketts or Bong Revilla from the late 1980s to the 1990s. Which is why during the MMFF, I’m always after action films. It doesn’t matter what studio made it or the production made behind it.

I just want to get rid myself of the crappy film entries by Star Cinema, Regal, and M-Zet. The only time that I can watch a serious film as good as ‘Honor Thy Father’, ‘Nilalang’ or ‘Thy Womb’ is when I read the reviews or when my father plans to watch something that he sees good in the MMFF. So please if you people are kind enough please don’t give any torrent copies the way ‘Heneral Luna’  was viewed for some, just buy me lunch and a ticket for ‘Honor Thy Father’ and I’ll pay you back any way I can in 2016 after seeing the movie.


When Pia Left Me In Awe



You thought I wouldn’t post something like this am I right?

I don’t really post or comment something about beauty pageants like Miss Universe or any other pageants out there but this is something I will try make this short, simple, and precise. This won’t tackle Steve Harvey’s manning up and taking full responsibility of that mistake or Miss Colombia’s very, very short reign and walk. But again Steve Harvey, you had us at accepting that first runner-up and Miss Colombia sorry for that very short walk and wearing that crown in a short while.

I didn’t expect so much from Miss Philippines for this year’s Miss Universe because in the years Shamcey Supsup (2011) and Janine Tugonon (2012) were in the Miss Universe, I kind of jinxed their pageants when they reached the world stage. So for Pia I didn’t really get my hopes up for her before the pageant commenced. When she was still in Binibining Pilipinas, I honestly doubted her for being a repeater of the pageant. So if Pia Wurtzbach knows me in some way, she would definitely give me this fierce look below until she walks away.


I was not yet born the last time Philippines won Miss Universe with Margarita “Margie” Moran in 1973. I was still in diapers when Charlene Gonzales gave that “high tide or low tide answer” for her question and answer portion. When my late grandmother was still around we would always watch the pageant with her  and the whole it’s really something to watch for and  Lola also wants to get ideas for styling up her customers when we still have our parlor.

I don’t remember what hairstyle Lola tried to replicate to her customers from her years in that parlor and watching pageants and even buying those entertainment magazines but I know she did her best with that hair and makeup those years. Of course her employees would stop working just to watch it on their TV making it the most beautiful day in the universe.

Pia has not been Miss Universe for a week and with her reign since Monday (Manila Time) so much has come out of the internet and recently, some guy who claims to be her ex boyfriend is the most bizarre post I’ve seen so far. It doesn’t matter if that’s true or not because the point is, too bad for you bro if you really did hook up with her. Other than that post are the memes featuring her awkward moment with Miss Colombia. Pia’s startled look and many angles of her coming out with different captions that everyone can relate with almost everything from academics, love life and many others which some are both amusing and disturbing.

Other than her win, I’m just happy that it’s not a Latina year again because for one thing I am tired of Latin Americans winning the pageant all the time whether it’s Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Argentina or Mexico. Nothing against Latin Americans but it’s really high time not just for us if Pia was not on the top three but also for the other candidates coming from other continents. One thing to be amazed was when Angola was crowned Miss Universe in 2011. I even thought of France winning the pageant out-of-sympathy and that she would get that crown because her country was devastated by that terrorist group who dares to attack Russia but that’s going to be another politically influenced issue and another heartbreak year for the Philippines. More important is that Donald Trump no longer has control of the pageant after those forgettable remarks about Hispanics crossing the border of the United States and Mexico also those remarks about banning Muslims in the US.

As for her answer to that first part of the question and answer portion, I don’t find that wrong and it was just the right answer because let’s face it that we need US presence in the country in these times and we cannot just let China screw around with our natural resources, oceans and disputed islands. We don’t have enough arms to fight off China and why hate the United State for establishing bases in the country. It may be hard to look back on some events that made this love-hate relationship with the United States because at the end of the day, the influence of the Americans on us for me outlasted Spain’s influence in certain aspects from language, culture, government system and sports as such.

Enough of the politics that surrounded her answer and so for all the girls out there, here’s your inspiration not only to try and succeed in pageants but also to live out her values of being beautiful and confident.




It was worth the wait after ten years since the release of ‘Revenge of the Sith’ and a good structure or story line after ‘Return of the Jedi’ that was released in 1983.

Before I go to the part where I go fan boy, start to think of what could happen in episode eight and other stuff that I can spoil or make this look like a fan fiction post in a Star Wars forum. I just liked the performances of Daisy Ridley for playing Rey and John Boyega for Finn making their roles look tailor-fit for them. I find the character of Oscar Isaac, Poe Dameron lost but somehow he pulled it off. As for the veterans reprising their iconic roles, they still got it. Harrison Ford can still do Han Solo for his age. Carrie Fisher is still Leia but too old to ride a speeder and for Adam Driver on his performance of Kylo Ren, we have yet to see the full potential of his character.

Now for the part that got me confused after watching the movie, I have yet to make an effort to read the expanded Star Wars universe and its many books. But when I was at this local book store, I read a synopsis of a Star Wars book and in the internet that Han Solo and Leia had three children namely Anakin Solo, Jaina Solo and Jacen Solo

Jacen Solo

who unfortunately became the Sith lord, Darth Caedus which had me thinking that Kylo Ren is Jacen Solo but no. Since Star Wars is under a new management, the people of Disney made their own story putting aside the stories that were set after ‘Episode VI’ in those books already written before the latest movie.


The one thing kept me bugging up to this moment is ‘Why is Kylo Ren’s lightsaber designed that way?

Kylo Ren

What symbolizes a lightsaber like that?’ Making it look like a medieval sword instead of the traditional lightsaber that is on a single straight handle with no side holes whether Jedi or Sith. A Stormtrooper that sounds like a seductress is good but is that really a girl under that helmet? Another is how many Stormtroopers where in really in Episode VI that fought the rebels and defending the second Death Star because with a whole new look of Stormtroopers, it could be possible that some of the troopers in Episode VII were the remnants of Episode VI and some are a whole new batch.


Another issue for me is how will the writers form a new Jedi Order? Obviously, Luke is the last known Jedi in the movie universe. Outside the movie universe you still have dozens of Jedi that were diverted to survive ‘Order 66’ when Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda went back to the Jedi Temple to recalibrate the signal beacon back in Episode III. Because on a personal note, it will be better if Luke will reestablish the Jedi with living Jedi not just calling the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi or Yoda. If possible I would like to see Mace Windu again in spirit because if Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Anakin were able to do it in the end of Episode VI, Mace Windu could do it too.

As for episode VIII that is a galaxy very far, far away from now, I look forward to see Rey even more and that rolling astromech droid BB-8. For Finn, I hope he can also find his way to the Force since he already hold that lightsaber in the movie posters and trailers. I only hope that Luke shows up soon and I want to see how he has truly become a Jedi Master in his own right.


Ito ang aking unang artikulo sa wikang Filipino dito sa aking Word Press at ito ay para sa mga kamag anak kong nagbabalak na mag impluwensya dahil sa nalalapit na panahon ng kampanya at eleksyon.

Nalalapit na ang pagtatapos ng taon na ito at nalalapit na rin ang mismong panahon ng kampanya at eleksyon sa susunod na taon dito sa Pilipinas. Gusto ko lang sabihin sa artikulo na ito na huwag kayong makialam sa balota ko. Dahil COMELEC na ang bahala kung imamaneobra nila ang balota ng bawat Pilipino o hinde. Hindi kayo nagkakamali ng binasa dahil nasa kultura na rin ng eleksyon sa Pilipinas ang pandaraya at kung ano-ano pang kalokohan na nangyayari sa kampanya at eleksyon.

Para sa mga kamag anak kong may mga pinanghahawakan kahit nasa barangay level lamang; hayaan niyo akong bumoto lalu na pagdating sa mismong eleksyon ninyo. Nasa wastong isip at edad na ko para mag desisyon kung sino ang iboboto ko o hinde. Nakikita ko rin may bini buildup kayong kandidato at huwag ninyo akong pipilitin na iboto yon dahil handa akong iblanko ang parte na iyon ng aking balota. Lilinawin ko lang din na hindi ko kayo pinagbabantaan dahil pinag katiwala ko rin sa inyo ang kaligtasan at kaayusan ng ating lugar.

Para sa mga pinagkaka tiwalaan ninyong mga opisyal ng ating distrito mula konsehal hanggang kongresista WALA AKONG PINAGKAKATIWALAAN SA INYONG LAHAT. Kilala niyo ang mga pinagkaka tiwalaan niyo pero sa totoo lang wala akong nakita na magandang pagbabago o naitulong mula sa kanila. Buti pa ang mga opisyal sa bandang Paco at Sta. Ana nagkaroon ng Skate Park. At least yong iba sa kanila hindi na kailangan tambayan si Andres para lang makapag skate board pero ang pangit pa rin at nakakahiya kay Gat Andres dahil may maliit na peryahan sa paligid niya.

Nakakadismaya na ganon ang sitwasyon. Hindi ko talaga ramdam ang tulong niyo sa distrito namin. Mas ramdam ko ang presensya ng mga tarpaulin ninyo sa  bahay ng chairman namin kahit hindi na eleksyon at nakukuha pa magpakabit ng tarpaulin na may pabati ng Merry Christmas, Happy Valentines, Happy Easter at congratulations graduates pero sige salamat na rin sa maliit na tulong na binigay niyo sa ilan sa amin pero di sapat kasi di ko lubusan maisip kung bakit niyo hinahayaan na pataasin lang ng pataasin DPWH yong mga kalsada dito habang yong mga kalye lumulubog na sa baha. Mahiya naman kayo sa mga magulang ng mga mag-aaral ng Unibersidad ng Santo Tomas na nagbabayad ng malalaking tuition sa UST at nagrerenta sa mga condo at dormitoryo sa paligid ng unibersidad nila na binabaha lang ng ganon-ganon. Mahiya rin naman kayo sa kaparian nila dahil pina ringgan na nga sila ng president sa huling SONA niya.

Ang nakaka urat talaga pag kampanya ay yong mga kandidato na “feeling close” na pumapasok ng bahay ng may bahay tapos hindi man lang mag iwan ng grocery (AY! Vote buying pala yon muntik ko na makalimutan).

Sa totoo lang, mayroon pang mas malalaking issue maliban sa inyo at kulang ang isang artikulo o link para usisain kayong mga konsehal ang kongresista dito sa Maynila. Sana lang talaga yong mga opisyal na pumabor sa pagpapatayo ng Terror ESTE Torre de Manila ay huwag na manalo pati yong mga nawalan nang lakas ng loob na alagaan ang background ni Rizal sa Luneta. Hindi niyo lang din kasi alam na mahirap at matrabaho ang mag ayos ng mga litrato para lang maalis ang Pambansang Photobomb.

Grimm Mid season Finale Review


Just when you thought she was out, they brought her back.

After watching that episode of Grimm titled “Wesen Nacht” I am just surprised that Bitsie Tulloch is back. I like the twist that the writers made for the midseason finale because for everyone who assumed that Juliette is dead (myself included), it just shows that the characters that we assumed dead can come back from the dead by the power of the show’s writers. So for GOT fans and TWD fans, there’s hope! But this is ‘not’ Juliette. We only saw Bitsie Tulloch under a new persona of Eve and if you will ask me, that’s really Juliette because the Hexenbiest powers shows. It bothers me that the crossbow shot that Trubel gave was weak.  Well, what will you expect from a tiny crossbow with a tiny bolt and probably Meisner and Chavez had some work done in that underground facility.

As for this episode, it is one of the best episodes of the season for a midseason ending and it brings us closer to reveal the people behind the Black Claw the way they revealed and eliminated the Wesenrein. The group is driving me nuts with how they run the season.

I’ve been a fan of show since watching ‘Mommy Dearest’ back in season three because it featured the age-old story of the “Aswang” (A Philippine folklore that preys on pregnant women feeding on their child just within the womb) and the show had a better start than the last season in which Nick lost his Grimm vision thanks to Adalind and having an interesting start like that would really drive its viewers to watch more often and to encourage or gather new fans and find way to catch up with the show.

For the characters that we don’t know if they will be a mainstay or not and this is what I have to say for each of those characters; for Meisner (Damien Puckler) I always thought the guy is a good guy for helping out Sean Renard when we first saw him in season three but now I still doubt what his intentions really are for everyone this season especially for Sean who wants to see his daughter Diana. I’m still wondering if he has many other things that he keep in his facility and does the guy still have feelings for Adalind because you can tell that he still has feelings for her after helping her out in season three to escape the royals.

For Trubel (Jaqueline Toboni), I don’t think she will be staying because she will be leaving again and you can tell that the show has a rule of one which means that Nick is the only Grimm in Portland. The other Grimm whether it is Kelly Burkhardt (RIP) or Trubel should be elsewhere doing grimm stuff we don’t get to see but lived out in fan fiction. I’m just glad that she did not die horribly.

For the mainstays; Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) is now a daddy but it’s with Adalind and with the midseason ending, how will he handle the situation? Will he be driven to know if that was Juliette he really saw or he will he keep it to himself?

For Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz), we saw him endorsing a candidate for mayor of Portland just within the story and with the Black Claw lurking everywhere in Portland I had the thought that he might have endorsed a Wesen candidate or that the opposing mayoral candidate is Wesen but Sean Renard is also Wesen himself, a Zauberbiest so it won’t be a big deal for him unless he reveals himself.

For Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalie (Bree Turner), I hope they get a baby soon with Nick having one with Adalind already. I’m happy that their characters don’t make many potions anymore and their characters are more productive by getting out of the ‘Spice Shop’. Rosalie is becoming more badass since Monroe’s abduction in season four.

For Hank (Russell Hornsby), he better get a girl again and Hank better not go Wesen again after that Mishipeshu episode which brings to that sheriff with a Native-American descent who was possessed by the same spirit like Hank who ended up lashing out someone.

For Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee), I’m glad he’s getting involved more and more. I just wished Juliette did not burn the trailer so he could learn more about Wesen.

If we review everything that has happened in the first episode of season 5 and this midseason finale, Nick had a dream that there was a funeral for Juliette and his mom’s head was floating around after Juliette’s funeral.151028_2927615_The_Grimm_Identity Now with the recent episode, will the funeral still take place by knocking some sense into her character or will it just remain a vision for Nick. . .

Give Pity Where Pity is Due

PITYWe have to be sorry for a lot of people. The people in the streets don’t need it anymore and with the campaign season in the Philippines fast approaching the people in power or seeking any government office need it the most.

Why did I say that they need it the most? It is because of how desperate they are to seek power and government office.

I feel sorry for Grace Poe for being a threat to some of the aspiring candidates especially Mar Roxas and Jejomar Binay. I truly feel bad for the things that she’s facing right now especially her disqualification case. But seriously Mar Roxas and Jejomar Binay, does she really pose a big threat to your plans and the Liberal Party as well? I don’t think so. You’re looking at someone who has not served a full term in the senate and may only be a front for some other politician. But if you look at her profile on the senate’s website, she championed the passage of the Freedom of Information Bill in the senate so in a different perspective, she does pose a threat that she might disclose some information that could bring someone down.

FPJ’s daughter or not, I truly feel sorry that she entered a dimension that lead to FPJ’s demise and that is the political arena.

As for her running mate Francis Escudero, I feel sorry that his dream and easy way of entering the Malacanang Palace will remain a dream and Heart Evangelista won’t be an instant first lady (if she dreams of it). I don’t know how many Filipinos will vote for this guy, I just think that the number of vote that he will get will be coming from the fans of his wife.

I am truly sorry for Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte that he could not make up his mind at first when everyone was dreaming of the presidency and filing for their certificate of candidacies. I don’t hate Duterte for his sudden change of mind, but letting someone file for you when really want to run for president is insulting everyone’s intelligence because having a commercial months ago in which Mayor Duterte rode a motor cycle trying to be Marlon Brando on the Wild One is really a giveaway that he is running and you don’t have to be a summa cum laude with a degree in sociology or political to understand that kind of thing because that is part of the culture in Philippine Politics. Another is when he said something about the Pope and a lot of people are not so open-minded about his opinion. Is it really the first time for people in this country to hear a news that someone said something bad towards the Pope?

As for the guy who filed that certificate of candidacy for Duterte. Nice move though but not that nice.

Like Francis Escudero, I feel bad for his running mate Allan Peter Cayetano for being ambitious, a brat and a cry baby. Allan Peter Cayetano won’t be able to bring his “angas” to Malacanang. What I also pity about Cayetano is his ignorance that his wife Taguig Mayor, Lani Cayetano is showing her own brand of corruption while attacking Jejomar Binay.

As for Jejomar Binay, I pity a fool like him because he keeps on reiterating that he is like the many Filipinos who struggle with living in the slums or suburbs, having the same skin color and having less in life.

Seriously Mr. Vice President you think you are really one of us? For all I know you didn’t improve the lives of the middle class living in Makati. The squatters and beggars in Makati are everywhere in Buendia the last time I went to meet a friend in Makati.

What I truly feel sorry about the Vice President is having a corrupt family and raising corrupt children also the fact that the people of Makati have known only one man and family ruling their city for almost thirty years. For congresswoman Abby Binay, at first I thought you would be a better person to run as senator because you have already government experience in Congress but since I don’t live in Makati, I cannot easily judge you harshly since you are not holding a national position. As for Junjun Binay, don’t be a cry baby like your rivals from Taguig and for Senator Nancy Binay, you should have let your sister run for that position. But what can I do now, your family is treating public service your own family business.

For Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, I only wish that some of the people who admire you would understand why you chose Senator Marcos as your running mate because at first I was shocked to know that Senator MDS chose the gentleman from Ilocos Norte to be his running mate and the fact that he is a Marcos is really alarming for some. Some people would understand why she chose Bongbong to be her running mate because the man has been in government for almost his entire life. This even includes the time that he was just his father’s son. Then he became governor, congressman of Ilocos Norte and now senator. If we base his credentials from the Senate’s page and the number of bills filed and passed on the same website, the man is really more than credible to hold the position of Vice President.

I don’t know if Senator Miriam loss a number of her fans because of that move but having Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on her side could either make or break her campaign. Conspiracy theories and speculations for both senators would arise in the campaign period proper such as the speculation that the Bongbong Marcos we know is not really the Bongbong Marcos as we know him or senator Defensor-Santiago using her illness just to garner a lot of vote since she has that many fans. Furthermore, their detractors will only try their best to find that weak spot.

Okay Mar Roxas where should I start? Let us start feeling sorry on how screwed up he is when he could not set aside politics from principles to help out everyone during the Yolanda crisis in Tacloban in which he made Tacloban Mayor Alfred Romualdez cry in public during a hearing, another is addressing him that he is a Romualdez and that the president is a Aquino in that infamous video. More important is provoking incumbent Congressman Martin Romualdez from the first district of Leyte to show that commercial on TV which obviously is a campaign advertisement. Another screwed up thing is not on TV but circulating at the internet is a subliminal video of Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo with some celebrities and I could not stand watching it (did not want to lose some of my brain cells which some I already in my previous major). I also feel sorry for Mar Roxas for having Korina Sanchez as his wife.

I truly feel sorry for his running mate Leni Robredo who got mixed up with politics after DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo’s death. Leni Robredo is nothing but a puppet of the Liberal party. She is right now the next Cory Aquino for using her husband’s death first for running as congresswoman of Naga and now the newest puppet of the Liberal Party. Congratulations.

To finish off this post, I want to give a very special mention to Secretary Joseph Emilio “Jun” Aguinaldo Abaya of the DOTC and Chairman Francis Tolentino of the MMDA for being the most incompetent people of the Aquino cabinet who could not find a solution to ease the traffic and the long lines in the MRT making a lot people suffer every day from the working class, ordinary commuters and to the students who travel. For the both of you, do not be offended when your ancestor is depicted as the mastermind of killing two National Heroes and that our city is describe as the gates of hell.


Amazing Kobe Bryant Wallpaper 03
Amazing Kobe Bryant Wallpaper 03 from (CREDITS TO THE OWNER)

I never thought I would see the day but it’s always hard to see everyone go, particularly professional players who are going to retire.

There are a lot of professional athletes who have gone to the process of retirement and playing their final game in their league from Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees, Michael Jordan from his first retirement with Chicago then finally settling down with the Washington Wizards, Randy Couture in the UFC, and a whole lot more in the world of sports.

For this season in the NBA, Kobe Bryant finally announced that this will be his last season in the NBA. I am not really a fan of Kobe or the Los Angeles Lakers because when Kobe finally plays his last game, basketball will never be the same. The same goes to players past their prime like Tim Duncan, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Dwayne Wade.

We will never see ball hogging the way Kobe does and scoring a lot of points and carrying the Lakers by himself. We will never see memes that really makes Kobe Bryant the most selfish player in the league and such.

In reflecting his highlights, we would surely miss double-double performances and that night he scored 81 points against the Raptors which could have been better if he scored those 81 points on the road than his domain in Staples Center. We would never forget the night he has surpassed Michael Jordan’s career points against the Timberwolves last season then Michael Jordan himself making his statement congratulating Kobe surpassing his career points afterwards. The game in the Beijing Olympics where he really carried the team 2008, scoring big against Spain and China and for Laker fans, the season where the Lakers got their sweet revenge against the Celtics in 2010 in which Kobe earned his fifth NBA championship which drove him to pursue his sixth title that would place him next to Michael Jordan. I give a lot of credit to Kobe Bryant for reviving the Celtics-Lakers rivalry not just the Celtics big three of that year with Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce when the two teams met each other in 2008 and 2010.

Every player comparison in the NBA is a never ending debate because at first, two players would only start with Bryant and Jordan then someone would bring up LeBron James, even Stephen Curry (who is really on a role recently).

If we would only talk about Kobe and Michael, they are generations apart, even if they have played against each other when Kobe was getting started with his career in the NBA because for others (myself included) Kobe is the only player worthy to be compared to Michael Jordan when it comes to performance or how they play on the court. Kobe has attempted to play like Michael in several games and it’s not that hard to find those side-by-side video comparisons of Kobe and Michael playing on You Tube. As for their achievements, they are far apart even if Kobe has surpassed Jordan’s career points because the six rings of Michael truly sets them apart.

When it comes to Kobe and LeBron, I hate them both but on a serious note they only show passion and precision on the court carrying their team to win almost every game and the go-to guys of their teams. But if there’s one thing that makes LeBron different than Kobe, it’s loyalty. Kobe no matter what has happened with the Lakers never wanted to go out of L.A. and be with a group of better teammates. Unlike LeBron who went to South Beach to be with team mates who can really help him then earned his first title in 2012.

As the NBA season goes on, Kobe is on his farewell tour. I haven’t watched any Laker game just to see if teams are giving him farewell gifts like a rocking chair which Kareem Abdul-Jabbar received during his retirement ceremony at the Forum, Mariano Rivera also got a rocking chair made of broken bats that he broke during his tenure, and Derek Jeter got farewell presents also from various teams like his teammate Rivera and standing ovations especially when Jeter played his last game at Fenway Park where Red Sox fans showed him respect and appreciation despite that he is a Yankee and in a basketball context, I’m looking forward on how Celtics will receive Kobe in his last road game at the Garden later this month on December 31 (Manila Time) and other teams that might honor him. With the NBA already down with one month, I don’t see the Lakers going to the playoffs again with that kind of lineup and dead last in the standings (3-15) of the Western Conference, relying only with key players like D’ Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson may not seem a fitting exit for a player like Kobe for some people but like many players before Kobe who have gone through the process, many of them did not have a Hollywood ending.

We can’t tell how many highlight games will Kobe have in the next couple of games or how many points will he put up to keep the Lakers in the hunt for the NBA Playoffs but one thing’s for sure, the NBA will never be the same again when he goes. As for retiring a jersey number, retiring number 24 is only fitting him since he made a lot of moment wearing number 24 for Laker fans.