The year 2010 was truly the start of brand new decade. The change from one president to another in which it had a rocky start on its first one hundred days. A college basketball that made history for having a perfect season and another college basketball team from a different league showing their dominance for a third straight title. But on November 7, 2010 it was a sad day for the Philippine radio and rock scene and it is the day NU107 signed off.

It’s been five years since the last broadcast of NU107 and everything truly feels like everything happened like it was yesterday.

At the time when I heard of NU107 closing its doors and signing off for good I could not believe the news. I just thought that the they will no longer held the annual NU107 Rock Awards, in which I had my first taste of Red Horse and the first time I lost a phone because of my pants having a hole in its pocket. But when I confirmed it from various news outlets, I felt like the music world caving in because it’s just the only event I get to see various bands since I’m prohibited to go to various gig spots in Metro Manila like SaGuijo in Makati, Route 196 in Katipunan and 70’s Bistro in Anonas at the time.

It was very unfortunate for me that I did not get to see the last Rock Awards because the tickets were no longer for sale and as I type this, I’m cringing because I listened to NU107 but I never had the chance to go to their station when they were still in the airwaves. The first and last time I visited their station was on their last day of their broadcast and during the day they broadcast the last NU107 Rock Awards, I listened to it online thru the station’s website together with a former classmate and friend who lives in Alabang I just told her to bear with me for while for this is historic moment and the rest went on.

As I listened to the last Rock Awards with Gabby Alipe of Urbandub getting the honor of vocalist of the year, Franco getting the honor of song of the year for ‘This Gathering’, listener’s choice and album of the year for their self-titled album. In their last broadcast of the Rock Awards, I don’t remember which award was being presented but I just find it funny that KC Concepcion and Anne Curtis (If not mistaken) were throwing some Eraserheads puns to Ely Buendia. For Franco, I also don’t remember exactly which award but Jay Contreras of Kamikazee was ridiculing yet at the same time joking while former Franco guitarist Ocho Toleran makes his thanksgiving speech in which Jay said, “HUWAG KAYONG MANINIWALA SA MGA YAN!”

After that, the rock radio scene in the Philippines almost died making Jam 88.3 the lone rock station in the Metro or in the country because there was also RJ Underground along with NU107. The OPM scene is missing its luster because icons nowadays rarely release hits that truly rock the airwaves and some bands disbanding. One of the few bands that disbanded after NU107 left the ariwaves is Sugarfree in 2011 for the reason that front man Ebe Dancel wants to go solo. Bamboo disbanded for some reason that left Nathan Azarcon, Ira Cruz and Vic Mercado hanging and Bamboo Manalac pursuing a solo career under a major label.

Since NU107 left the airwaves, I myself also took a break I finishing my studies and until now, I haven’t gone to a gig. So with me not being able to see a gig, I was shocked to know of Urbandub going to a hiatus and Kamikazee planning a farewell tour in which I thought they would just announce a upcoming album but didn’t.

It’s really depressing not having an annual award show just for rock and it really feels crappy to listen to just one rock station.

Author: babyama0402

I am Rick. Born April 2, 1993 living in the catch basin area of Sampaloc, Manila. I am underweight and if you can bring me to a buffet or just simply asking me out to have lunch or dinner I’ll have the most delicious meal with a lot of carbs and good fat. I am former psychology student at Colegio de San Juan de Letran and now I have shifted to journalism in the same institution. I am a fan of sports, music lover, animal lover, dog owner, movie goer in my spare time and money, geek and many other things such as photography. I am not really a bibliophile but I try to read a lot of books as much as I can from fiction to non-fiction, foreign or Philippine literature. I can write something about sports, social issues in the Philippines, even world news or just any thing I want to write about that can give meaning to the universe.

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